My Story

For 12 years I struggled to have a child.  

I experienced high highs and low lows. I would be so happy when someone told me they were pregnant and in the very next thought I would be so sad and angry.  Asking why not me???

I spent a lot of time being mad and trying to figure out why the Lord was making me wait so long.  He knows I’m not good with Winter seasons.   Then I resolved that I wasn’t going to be a mother and I was finally all right with that.  I jumped on a plane to attend my little sister’s baby shower.  I was so happy for her. I really was.  I wouldn’t wish infertility on my worst enemy.   It’s too hard.  

I returned home from my sister’s baby shower to find out that I was pregnant or at least that’s what the 12 positive pregnancy tests said.  Yes I took 12, trying to figure out how I could buy so many faulty tests.   You see over the 12 years I took 100’s of test and as soon as one drop of urine hit the stick it said negative. This led to a wild ride over the 4 days.  That story I will share later.

Getting pregnant changed everything. Not just growing a baby, but having the true Cindy rise back up again and start asking questions and challenging the status quo.  Pushing back and telling people NO!  

I fired my second OB/GYN at 36 weeks.  You know how easy it could have been to just stay with my doctor and not go and find a new one.  Easy! 

But I chose different because I knew different.   I was no longer asleep and following the flow.  I was given a gift and I was going to make sure I got the birth I wanted.  

Learning to say NO!! Gives me so much FREEDOM and opportunities!

My life is so freeing now.   Life is working for me as oppose to the past when it was working against me.  

My vision for the future is to have more women step into what their God-given gifts are and boldly step out and change the world.  One family at a time and the ripples will be felt for generations and generations.

I challenge you to take a moment and think and say out loud if your life is giving you FREEDOM now?   If the answer is NO, join our community of people stepping out of the line and proclaiming their FREEDOM to change their lives and their children’s lives and their children’s children’s lives FOREVER!


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