Books I am reading in April

Books I am reading in April
Hi friend,  

I wanted to start sharing all the different books that I read in a month.  When I was growing up I had a slow start in learning to read.  Once I became a reader I read tons of books and still do.  I am a lifelong reader that reads several books at one time.  I read physical books and listen to books on CD and especially love to read on my kindle at night.  This the Kindle I use.

I like to make things real easy so I will link to all the books :)

I have been teaching myself a new habit of slowing down and actually read a book that has a fixed about of days challenge. Old Cindy would read the whole book all at one, Cindy 2.0 is actually reading Day 1, then waiting till the next day to read Day.

Here are the 3 challenge books I am reading this month.

I went to adult bingo at my public last month and won a fiction book,  I read it and really enjoyed it.  Even though it is a fiction book i really enjoyed the idea of doing an authenticity project.  If you have known me even for a short time you know I like to be real, authentic and honest.  Why did the world ever stop doing that?

My big read for this month that I am taking my time in reading is the book The Atomic Habits.  I fought reading this book. I was like this book doesn't have anything in it that I don't already know.  I started out by checking it out at my library and quickly caught myself trying to underline pages in the book.  Oops!! So off i went and returned the book and purchased my own copy to highlight and underline all I wanted.

Let me know below what you are reading this month.  I love to add new books to my to be read pile.

Also, if you are Mom in the Middle like me that has aging parents and raising young children jump into my community and let's do life together!

Many blessings,