How I changed our mornings with a piece of plastic

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How I changed our morning routine with a piece of plastic??

My daughter has her own pace when getting all her things done in the morning to get dressed.

  1. She has to got to the bathroom.

  2. Wash her hands

  3. Brush her teeth

  4. Get dressed

  5. Brush her hair

  6. Apply thieves to her feet.

She had the hardest time watching the clock and releazling how much time she had.  It was too abstract of a concept for her very blue personality.

Enter the solution:  

I knew she learned best by seeing it. 

So I searched out for a visual clock something she could she her total time she had to get her morning routine done.

This is what I found and it has changed our mornings forever.

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No more tears, no more frustration, no more yelling for mom or daughter.

This battery operated piece of plastic saved our mornings!!!

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